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Dedicated server are the most expensive and reliable hosting server. In dedicated server hosting a whole server is reserved for single website which gives you more reliability and security. People having large business websites or an ecommerce website required dedicated server for full functionality and best performance of their websites.

Dedicated server hosting is available in two types, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. In managed dedicated server, your whole server is managed by your host and in unmanaged server you’ll get basic hosting services, rest you have to manage by yourself.

There are many web hosting companies that are providing cheap dedicated server hosting but few of them are prominent as they provide best cheap dedicated server hosting services. “Hosting Choice” has listed those best cheap dedicated hosting providers.

Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

  • Hostgator
  • Inmotion
  • Singlehop

Some prominent features of these best cheap dedicated server hosting providers are:

  • Offer root level control of the server
  • Provide secure and stable dedicated server
  • Give regular on and off-site back-up facility
  • Offer user-friendly control panel of your choice
  • Provide complete application software support
  • Offer maximum server uptime & quick response time
  • Offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers
  • Their dedicated servers are housed in reliable data centers
  • Offer 24/7 technical support (Emails, phone, live-chat options)
  • Offer multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux OS or Mac X OS)

Because of all these features these companies have secured top spot in providing best cheap dedicated hosting services. If you are interested in obtaining reliable cheap dedicated server hosting, do consider all these companies in order to get best website performance.