Virtual hosting is a tempting option since it is cost-effective and your site is hosted on a single independent server without interfering with other websites. The price is low because multiple sites use same hardware and software of the host, though it may vary depending on the quality of service it provides, hardware and software technology, bandwidth, disk space and connection speed.

Inspite of all these positive points about virtual hosting, you should be aware of some of the risks involved.

  • In virtual hosting, the IP address is shared with multiple sites. If some other site hosted on same server contains some offensive or illegal content, or if a spam site is also hosted there, the search engine can ban the entire IP address from its index. It stops the access to your site. You should know which sites are hosted on your server. You can also ask your host for a different IP address. If it happens, remember to resolve the domain name with new IP address before it goes live on the server.
  • Get a list of all sites hosted on each virtual server and how much traffic do these sites generate. Do some analysis if the traffic to other sites affects the traffic rate at your site. For example – the response time may vary when you share space with 50 busy sites as compared to when you share a server with 200 sites getting a few hits daily

Though there are millions of sites hosted on virtual servers all across the globe, the objective of talking about the risks is that you should be aware of certain factors that may impact your business. So weigh down all options carefully before you register yourself with a host.