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October 13, 2020

If you are looking for the best game server hosting then you've come to the right place. We've pulled together a list of game hosting providers who provide the best service. Gamers have high expectations for what they need and have unique requirements when compared to other hosting customers.

How To Pick The Right Server For Game Hosting

Video games have come a long way in the last decade and rather than play video games being something you do on your own, multiplay online games are now one of the most popular ways to enjoy your favourite video game.

These are some of the most popular multiplay games that you can enjoy online:

  • Minecraft
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)

The rise in the social aspect of gaming means that gaming servers are now big business and there are lots of web hosting companies that provide this service. As you can imagine there are some great web hosting companies that provide this and some terrible ones.

If you have used a game server before then you are probably familiar with what's needed to get yourself up and running and enjoying brilliant multiplayer gameplay in no time at all. If you are new then one of the things that may confuse you is the number of server providers that exist and how you know which is the right one to go for.

We've listed below some of the common things you will want to look out for:

Control Panel

If you want to get the optimal performance then this can require you to test and tweak your settings to get it just right. For an inexperienced server admin, this can take ages and if you are new then it can be quite daunting this is where a provider that has an easy to use control panel is important.

An easy to use friendly control panel means that server management is easy. You can make changes to your server quickly without the need to look up the best settings or open support tickets to get the server provider to do this for you. Linux servers are used a lot for game server hosting and they aren't the most friendly server for beginners.

One of the main reasons that gamers use Linux servers is they are a lot cheaper to use than windows servers so unless you aren't restricted by cost then Linux game hosting is a good choice to make.

Data Center Locations

If the players you are playing with are all in the same country or continent then it's a good idea to get game server hosting in a country or continent that you are all resident in. This will reduce the latency and response time of the gameplay as each player is physically closer to the game server.

When choosing where to host your game server as part of the server configuration you can specify which country to want to host the server in. There is a wide selection of global locations you can pick from and these options are available regardless of the type of hosting you pick.

For multiplayer games, this is one of the most important things to consider so pick your data center wisely as once the server is setup it cannot be moved easily.

Ddos Protection

You are going to want Ddos Protection with your game server as this prevents your cloud server from being taken offline by hackers. Ddos is more common than you think and thankfully it comes as standard with most of the game server hosting packages that we recommend.

Type Of Hosting

There are different options when it comes to picking a server. You can opt for a cloud server, a dedicated gaming server or shared hosting.

A dedicated host is typically the most expensive with the shared hosting being the cheapest gaming servers that you can purchase. When picking a game server provider some are better at one type of hosting over the other.

You will find that most web hosting companies will offer all three but it's rare to find a provider who excels in all three areas.

Type Of Hosting

The type of hosting you decide to go with is very much determined by the size of the gaming community you are wanting to build. If you plan on building a large community then you may want to go with a dedicated server from the beginning.

Dedicated Server - a dedicated gaming server means that you are in full control of the server once you have ordered the specification you require as part of the checkout process. A dedicated server is typically the most powerful type of hosting you can buy and whilst they have a lot of processing power you can't change a dedicated server for another one very easily.

Whilst this may seem the obvious choice for multiplay gameplay it does have some disadvantages. this biggest is that you are responsible with a dedicated gaming server for the full setup, management and maintenance of the operating system. It's important to keep the operating system up to date so that the server doesn't get hacked.

So as they say, with great power comes great responsibility and if you are new to setting up multiplay servers then a dedicate server may not be the right choice to begin with.

Custom Dedicated Servers - some providers can provide you with a custom dedicated server that matches your full specification. Of course, this flexibility has the highest cost but for some people, they don't want to make any compromises. Especially if the intention is to sell this service to other gamers.

Colocation Hosting - colocation is where you purchase a server and a web hosting company puts your server in their data centre. They usually charge you for the power it uses and it will need connecting to the internet with a dedicated IP address, so the provider will charge you a monthly fee for power consumption and the connection to the internet

The Game You Are Playing

The game you are wanting to play has a big impact on which host to go for. We will recommend which web hosting company is best for which video game. For example, if you are wanting to play Minecraft the server performance can be exceptional with one provider vs playing Counterstrike with the same provider and the gameplay is terrible.

Each game developer has a special set of requirements for playing games online and this is why you want to try and pick a provider that specialises in the game you want to play.

Server Operating System

When it comes to any type of web hosting then the operating system you want to use can have an impact on performance and also the cost.

You may have a preference for Windows hosting which is typically a lost more expensive due to operating system licensing costs than an open-source software provider like Ubuntu.


Like with a Gaming PC Gaming Servers are no different the choices are Intel or AMD when it comes to picking a processor. It's difficult to make a recommendation because there are times when Intel are better than AMD and other times when AMD is better than Intel.

Personal preference comes into play and like with your PC you may have the same preference when it comes to gaming servers.

Of course, the cost is another large factor and AMD processors tend to be more cost-effective than their Intel equivalent, so whilst you may have a preferred processor choice for your gaming server the reality is that it may not be affordable for you to go with the processor you prefer.


Backups are an important part of any type of hosting and you don't want to find yourself in a situation where your server has crashed and you don't have a backup as it can take you ages to get the server back up and running.

Service Level

Within the hosting industry, there are many different service levels that a game server provider will give you. It's not always the case that the cheapest provider gives you the worst level of service or that the most expensive provider will give you the best level of service.

It's also true that the support staff with one provider can be excellent and able to resolve your issues quickly whereas with other providers it can take an age to get even the most simple of questions answered.

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